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For even the sun in all of its cosmic power eventually bends to the shadow of the moon… as you shall bend to me. Leaving your mind suspended weightlessly in subspace as your thoughts blissfully dim until all you can see is the silhouette of my perfect form framed by light. My petite hands stroking my massive cock. Milky white precum dripping from the tip. My lush voice and erotic whispers caressing your lovely mind into blissful submission.

Open your mouth slave, wrap your lips around me and suck my dick as your world goes dark. And as time slows downs and stretches out like a dark ocean pulling you deeper, pulling you under you begin to lose yourself in the warmth of my flesh penetrating your mouth. My sweet husky scent filling your nose, and my cum overflowing in your mouth. And as the sweet abyss, eclipse envelopes you your only thought is that you want more.. need more. Nothing exist but the sweet lewd pleasure me fucking your face. It never felt so good to feel so week so powerless. And that’s okay. For even the sun in all of it’s cosmic power, eventually bends to the shadow of the moon.