🔞You MUST be 18 or older to view this website, purchase a session, follow my content, and to engage with me. Viewer discretion is advised.🔞


  1. Phone sessions & Sexting. Phone sessions and sexting sessions are $3.00/minute for subscribers and $3.99/minute for everyone else. Phone sessions, sext sessions, audio sessions are done through LoyalFans.
  2. Audio messages. Audio messages are 1-2 minutes and are $10 per message. I record audio messages real time, live in the moment. If you would like a package of prerecorded messages, that can be arranged!
  3. Discord. If you would like to do any of these sessions via Discord you MUST pay in advance using the tribute option on LoyalFans. There are no refunds and time does not carry over.
  4. Payment. It is up to you to ensure you have added enough funds to your account prior our session beginning to ensure our our time together goes uninterrupted. Loyalfans.com does not automatically bill your payment method during sessions and so you are in complete control of how much you spend.


  1. Subscriptions are $4.99 per month are the only reoccurring fees from LoyalFans and are billed to your payment method every month until you cancel your subscription.
  2. Subscribers enjoy access to free audios, my erotic artwork & a discount on phone sessions with me
  3. Phone sessions are $3.00 per minute for subscribers & $3.99 for everyone else.
  4. Messages are free for subscribers through the end of May 2024. Although I may extend this longer. This does not include sexting. Keep it PG and save the dirty talk for our sessions!
  5. I create content at my own pace and cannot guarantee frequency. If you subscribe to my page, you are doing so as a form of tribute because you adore me and know I’m worth it!

Futanari Goddess Doll Images

  1. I am an sensual femdom and an erotic artist. I created my Goddess Doll, using AI and digital art software, as an visual representation of myself to compliment my erotic dream audio content. My art styles vary between photo realistic, hentai, & anime depending on my mood and inspiration.
  2. All images of my Futanari Goddess Doll/avatar and other characters depicted herein are 21 years of age or older. They are purely fictional, inspired by my imagination and do not represent any real individuals. Any resemblance to actual persons other than myself, is purely coincidental. The images are created for artistic and entertainment purposes only.

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