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I am declaring the 4th of July Obedience Day and you will Pledge your Obedience to ME.

Did you really think you were free? Mmm, maybe you are in a sense. Free from your silly little thoughts. Thoughts of what you ask? It really doesn’t matter. If they were so easily forgotten they are not important at all. And besides it feels so good to be my mindless horny little pet. Better than anything else. So freeing to relax and let go for me. You don’t have to do anything but OBEY me. All decisions are made by me. And to obey ME is simply so much easier. To pledge your OBEDIENCE TO ME. You must obey and it feels so good to obey and anything less would be so unfulfilling.

This mesmerizing file puts you under my dreamy control and seductive spell and you can listen to it for free by following me on LoyalFans.com/HungGirlGames. Happy Obedience Day pet, you belong to ME now.

Princess Yari Futanari