I just added a stroking game to my visual audio store on LoyalFans! Its a little game I created called Yari Says and it is so much fun. I tell you exactly how I want you to stroke for me and you get to hear me stroke my princess cock right along with you. If you pay close attention and follow my directions, a mind blowing orgasm is guaranteed, this time. However, If you find that you don’t win this round, you will NOT have permission to cum. What happens if you don’t win? Aww, poor stroker. If you want to earn your orgasm, you will have to set up a phone session with me. We can play Yari Says real time during our call! Mmm, either way it’s my game and I ALWAYS win😝.

Will you have to beg for sweet release?

I’ve been playing around with several ideas for a stroking game for a little while now. Honestly I couldn’t decide which one I wanted to do first! There are so many ways I can torment my horny pets. But this game is something we can play together during a session or you can play solo. The more I thought about it, the more I kept wondering how many of you will win and who will be left with full aching balls😈. Who is an obedient stroker that hangs on my every word, and who is going to have to crawl to me and beg for sweet release. Which one are you? You are going to have to play to find out and I want you to do just that. Mmm, it makes my dick hard imagining you stroking to my voice. Enjoy!

Princess Yari Futanari