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If you are an adult content creator or erotic artist like myself, you may have noticed lately that many platforms that built their popularity from the talent and creativity of adult content creators and erotic artist, are now changing their terms of service to exclude the very artist and content providers that brought these sites the success they enjoy. The latest websites are Patreon and Gumroad. Even OnlyFans tried to this but caved to the extreme backlash they received.

Vague Terms of Service

Either they outright ban creators of adult media or implement terms of services so vague and ambiguous that it is pretty much impossible to stay within the guidelines. Leaving content creators at the mercy of whomever decides to moderate their content on any given day. It’s outright hostile, because these platforms will lock or deactivate accounts with with little or no warning. The appeals process is exasperating and not guaranteed to work in your favor. Like vanilla artist, many adult content creators make their livelihood or supplement their income with their creative works and it’s devastating when a website they’ve worked so hard to build a following catering to their specific niche is pulled from under them.

Adult content is not evil

Adult content is not evil. It is quite enjoyable and we ALL enjoy it in some form. I think what is frustrating is that censorship of adult content is inconsistent in it’s application. I mean have you seen the show Game of Thrones, or stumbled upon the shifter/alien romance novels on Amazon? However, an artist creating illustrations or writings with similar themes is de-platformed and not welcomed on Patreon. Whether its a well written scifi novel with hot alien/shifter invaders, a popular tv show that literally checks off every single taboo subject, erotic audios, stories, or illustrations, adult content creators should have a place to express their creative works to those that enjoy them and are willing to pay for it.

Unfortunately adult content has always been an easy target for censorship as a distraction from one thing or another. I agree that we should absolutely do everything we can to protect inappropriate viewers from adult content and 99.9999% of creators of adult content have no desire to expose their content to the wrong audiences.


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I would like to introduce you to Loyalfans, a platform that I found that works for me. It may not work for everyone, however, I think it is worth a try for those of you looking for a place to build or rebuild a following that enjoys your erotic works. Loyalfans welcomes ALL creators, from vanilla to erotic artist. It has elements of all our favorite platforms we enjoy rolled into one. Think of it as twitter + tiktok + instagram + patreon = Loyalfans lol.

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On the surface loyalfans may look it only caters to cam artist, however, this platform welcomes a diversity of different content creators both erotic and non-erotic. Mediums included but not limited to are illustrations, manga, anime, hentai, AI creations, 3DX videos, fetish videos, erotic audios, erotic fiction, fan fiction, gamers, streamers, the list goes on and on. You can make a presence on this platform and grow your income without dancing along confusing terms of service. Click here to read the Loyalfans Mission statement and list of Core Values

They have pledged and committed to always welcome adult content creators. Even if you are not ready to make a switch, check it out. You could create an account and use Loyalfans as a back up to let your community know where to find you in case the platform you are using now deactivates you with no warning.

LoyalFans Pros & Cons

Below, I put together a list of pros and cons of Loyalfans. Click here for some helpful Loyalfans links, including terms of service.


  • Dedicated timeline, or feed that you decide who sees what. I.E public, followers only, or subscribers only
  • You get 80% payout of your earnings
  • The ability to set up fundraisers/crowdfunding
  • Send mass or private messages to your community
  • Streaming abilities
  • Support staff is courteous and responds within 24, usually sooner.
  • Accepts PNG, JPG, MP3, MP4, Flac file uploads
  • Setup an Video or Audio store or both
  • You can offer promotions on your content
  • The ability to decide if you want to give your customers the ability to download their paid audio/video content.
  • All creators are promoted, not only the high earners. Every time you post content of any kind you will listed on their front page as a creator with recently added content. This is good for exposure within the platform!
  • The site is new and staff is open to suggestions and feedback. They are always adding new features base on creator requests. If you want a feature, ask for it. This is how some friends and I got a dedicated MP3 store added to the platform
  • Dedicated mobile app*


  • They don’t have different tiers. There is one set price for all subscribers
  • Cannot upload PDFs files
  • Your followers cannot download images, however you can post or send a Dropbox or Dropbox equivalent link. many artists already do when posting files on Patreon. You can however, enable downloads for MP3 & MP4 formats.
  • Site is still relatively new compared to other platforms, and so they are still working out a few bugs
  • For the time being, the mobile app does not offer as many features as the web version. **I find the mobile web version works better for me than the actual mobile app **

Loyalfans – About, Core Values, & Mission Statement

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Terms of Service

Terms of Service – Creator Supplement

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Creator Guide

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