Mmm, it’s been a while hasn’t it? How long has it been since you’ve found yourself beholden to my voice? Perhaps you are thinking that it’s been too long. That maybe you have slipped beyond the depths of my enchanting power. Maybe you were thinking that you are no longer a slave to my control. That you were free of my command. What is so fascinating about that is that as you are thinking those very thoughts, you are already sliding down into that wonderful space. That with every word I speak you feel yourself becoming weaker and weaker for me. And that familiar dreamy feeling takes over your mind, you begin to understand that I never left. That you belong to me and that you always will. 

I am your lover, your Goddess, your Enchantress. I am your forever. You are my muse, my slut, my pet, my loopy, dazed, happy, little fuck toy. Most importantly, you are mine. So relax, Tiger, as my silky words penetrate your mind. Imagine my fingertips softly caressing your temples as you dream for me. All of your thoughts melting away as your mind takes you down, down … all the way down into sweet surrender. That wonderful place called subspace where I bend and shape reality around us. You know that you are safe to lose yourself to me for a while as we explore our wicked fantasies together.

Welcome to my new website

I couldn’t wait anymore to start posting on here, lol. I’m still putting putting my website together just the way I like, so things will be all over the place for a while. Check back frequently for updates. If you would like to set up a session with me message me here or on LoyalFans is the fastest way to reach me and it is free to sign up and follow me.

Princess Yari Futanari